How You Can Write A Haunted House Review That People Will Want To Read

You might have just visited your city's most popular haunted house, and now you want the world to know what about it you enjoyed or didn't like. You may also have decided to go hunting for real ghosts at well-known local or faraway locations, and now want to share your experience with others. You can write interesting and compelling haunted house reviews that people will read if you follow these simple tips.

Give the Attributes

After you have visited a haunted house attraction or have gone ghost hunting at a real haunted location, write down everything that the place had to offer. For example, if it was an attraction for tourists to visit, how big was the building? Were there multiple haunted places to visit? Did it have a family or children's area to enjoy? You could also mention if there were restaurants or snack bars located on the premises, or anything else you believe interested parties would want to know.

How is the Pricing?

A lot of online reviews do not cover the cost of attractions, and many people would like to know ahead of time. While it's true they can check the haunted house's website—if it has one—a review of the location is a good place to state how much it costs. If the cost is already known by the person reading the review, add in if you thought the price of admission was worth it. This can be done in a polite but honest way, so other interested visitors can get a sense of whether or not they will still head there.

Be Honest and Thorough

The best reviews and ones that people read the most are the ones that are honest and thorough. This means addressing concerns like the following: Did you think there weren't enough bathrooms for the visitors there? Then say so in your review. Could it have been a bit scarier or maybe a bit less scary? Was it a fun and interesting family time? This is also something you should say in your review. Cover everything that you yourself would want to know if you were checking out a location for a potential day or night out.

While being honest, simply state facts as you see them and don't embellish. If you have been chatting with other visitors at the site, get what their opinion is, too, and if you like, add it to your own for your review. They might have caught something you missed.