Skip The Dinner And A Movie Combo And Try One Of These Fun Date Ideas

Sometimes dinner and a movie is the perfect date idea, but other times it can be quite boring. And if it's something that you have turned into a routine, standing date every week, then it might be time to change it up and add in a new activity. So, if you have found that date night is getting a bit stale, here are some options to consider.

Visit A Local Art Exhibit

A really interesting idea is to visit a local art exhibit. This exhibit might be in a small studio space, or it even might be in a local cafe. These events are a bit more social than when you visit a major museum on just a random day. The local space will often times feature the artist who created the artwork, or other artists, who will discuss the artwork. So, if you and your partner really love art, this is a fantastic idea to try out.

See A Comedy  Show

If you want to laugh, and don't feel like seeing a comedy at the movie theater, and would prefer something a bit more lively, then hit up a comedy club. These are an awesome way to have fun and laugh and be in an exciting surrounding. Most of these clubs will feature a string of comedians who will all get on stage and do a set, so if you don't find one particular comedian funny, there are always others you will have the change to laugh at.

Take A Yoga Class

If the two of you are more into exercise and are looking for an active date idea, then think of taking a couples yoga class. These classes are a super fun way for the two of you to enjoy exercise and yoga. There are even some really cool variations on regular yoga such as acroyoga where couples will practice yoga together in combination with acrobatics. Many classes are designed for first time users.

Escape The Room

If you are looking for a fun and engaging date idea, and the two of you like puzzles and mystery's, then a fantastic idea is to go to an Escape The Room event. These are super fun events where you and your date will enter into a locked room and have to solve a number of clues in order open the door and escape. The Escape The Room is a fun activity that combines the elements of surprise and mystery as well as teamwork. You and your date will have to work together in order to solve the clues and you will have a great time doing it.