Three Important Questions To Ask When Renting Tables And Chairs For A Party

If you are hosting a party, you may not have enough tables and chairs at the venue. As such, you will need to rent them. While you like already know that it is important to ask questions about price and availability for your dates, there are some other questions that are equally as important to ask that are often overlooked. Here are three important questions to ask when you are looking to rent tables and chairs for a party. 

Do You Deliver and/or Set Up?

One of the questions you will want to ask when renting tables and chairs for a party is whether the company delivers and picks up the furniture before and after the event. If they do deliver, then ask them if they also set up. If you only need one extra table and a few extra chairs, picking up and setting up yourself may not be a huge deal. But when it comes to hundreds of chairs and several tables, it can be a lot of work. Looking for a company that delivers and sets up is ideal, especially if you are on a time crunch. 

When Is the Change or Cancellation Deadline?

Another important question to ask when renting tables and chairs for a party is when the change or cancellation deadline is. When you first put in your order for chairs and tables, you may base it on the number of invitations you sent out. However, as your event draws near and people send back their R.S.V.P. cards, you may realize that you will have fewer guests than expected. Being able to cancel some of the unneeded furniture can save you money, as long as you know when the cancellation or change deadline is. 

Do You Offer Rental Insurance?

The last question you want to ask and take into consideration when you are renting tables and chairs for a party is whether the rental company offers rental insurance. If one of your guests breaks a chair or you place something heavy on the table and it snaps, you may be on the hook for that item. Likewise, if your furniture is outdoors and a sudden rainstorm damages the furniture, you are responsible. Having rental insurance helps to cover you so you do are not financially responsible for these accidents.

If you have never rented tables and chairs for a party before, or if it has been some time, you may not know what questions to ask. Asking the right questions helps to ensure that you are happy with the tables and chairs you rent and that the company best meets your needs. Asking these three questions, in addition to more well-known questions, such as pricing and availability, will help you find the right rental company for your event. Contact a company like Party People Rentals & Sales to learn more.