Fun Trends In Wedding Booth Photos For You To Consider

One of the best ways to add some fun to your wedding reception is to have a photo booth. A photo booth allows your guests to interact with one another and adds to the excitement of the evening. If you are considering a photo booth, consider some of the following trends and ideas to incorporate so your booth is a fantastic attraction at your reception:

Request a Larger Photo Booth

Many photo booth rental companies will have booths in a variety of sizes. If available, request a larger one for your reception. This newer trend lets your guests get larger groups together for a photo opportunity if they choose to do so. Smaller groups can still take photos, but the choice is there for your guests.

Open Air Photo Booth

Another fun idea is to have an open-air photo booth. This is simply a photo booth area without any walls. Your guests will pose against the backdrop with props or fun scenery. These are fun to personalize, as they can accommodate scenery of all sizes and types, including pieces of furniture.

Choose a Backdrop Close to Your Theme

If your wedding has a theme, ask about the different options for backdrops. If you have a beach wedding, you can have a beachy backdrop with coordinating props and scenery. If an appropriate backdrop is not available, you should ask if there is a green screen option. That way, you can have your backdrop customized to your theme.

Bring Your Own Props

While most photo booth rentals come with many fun props, you may want to have some specific to your personality. You can scour fun ideas and create your own or shop for some in your local party store. You know your guests best, so have fun in choosing different hats, masks, signs, and the like.

Include a Message Board

While the photo booth is a fun activity for your guests, it is still nice to know that they are thinking about you. Include a message board in your photo booth so that your guests can write notes of love or messages of congratulations. You can also have some pre-printed signs for your guests to hold while striking a pose.

These are just a few of the exciting new trends photo booths for weddings. Be sure to ask the rental company what all is available and if they mind that you augment with some of your own personal touches.