First Time At A Live Escape Room? 5 Ways To Make It An Absolute Blast

Live escape rooms are cropping up all over the place, and with good reason: They're an absolute blast! If you're going to try one for the first time, though, a little preparatory information is in order.

1. Come With A Crowd

A live escape room is one place where the expression, "The more, the merrier." truly applies. Paying may be more economical as a group, and being able to put your heads together to solve the mysteries that abound will add to the fun and success of the experience. Especially since it's your first time, make sure someone in your group is a fan of the game genre (escape), and will have some clue as to what to look for and where to find it.

2. Take Pics Outside Only

Even if you're big into selfies, avoid taking pictures anywhere except outside the escape room building. The establishment might prohibit the use of a camera inside, anyway, and you don't want to inadvertently give clues away to other people who've yet to experience this fun puzzle place themselves. Take your selfies on the way in and out, though, as you'll likely want to capture the expressions.

3. Don't Bring Things You Have To Carry

Whether it's a phone, purse, or things you've purchased while shopping, you really don't want to have to carry any items with you through the live escape room. Protecting the items will distract from your fun and sleuthing, and you also run the risk of dropping something important, then having no way to determine its exact whereabouts. Keep everything secure in your pockets, then let the fun begin.

4. Share The Experience On Social Media

Because escape rooms are a must-try for almost everyone, be sure and mention your experience in one on social media. Create a buzz about the curious ways in which you all enjoyed yourselves, without giving too much away. 

5. Bring Young Children On Your Second Visit

While this type of entertainment is usually okay for young kids, because you can't be certain about every aspect of the game until you've played it, bring the more sensitive little ones in your life to the game on your second visit. Knowing what's next yourself, you can coach them along, making sure no big surprises startle them. If you're a brave family and want everyone involved on the first try, call the establishment first, asking if they suggest any age limits or have advice for pint-sized escape room detectives.

Enjoy your first big escape, but be forewarned that it probably won't be your last. Especially if you're well-prepared, you're going to want to do this at least a few more times, sharing the experience with different people along the way. Be ready for just about anything, including not knowing which way to go, what's behind door number 2, or what in the world you're going to do with those objects you find along the way.

For more information, get in touch with a live escape room in your area.