Treat Your Family to a Visit to a New Amusement Park

Amusement parks are fun for youngsters and those who are young at heart. If your teenagers have let it be known that they would really enjoy going to a new amusement park that is opening up on the other side of town, you may be contemplating how this day trip will work out. Strategize now so that everyone has an opportunity to take in the sights and enjoy the attractions that they prefer.

Choose Passes or Tickets

If you, your spouse, and your children usually get on as many rides as possible, purchasing passes that allow unlimited sessions will probably provide you with the most value for your money. If you or one of your family members is hesitant about getting on specific rides or is only interested in certain attractions, then you should find out what will be offered at the amusement park so that you can decide if purchasing single tickets will be a better option than all day passes.

Remember, part of the fun associated with visiting a theme park is taking in the sights, scents, and sounds. If there are going to be livestock competitions, races, plenty of food booths, and live entertainment, these additional features will take up a good part of your day, if you plan on participating in some of them.

Be aware of the park's hours of operation and the layout of the venue so that you can gauge how long it will take to walk through the park, stop at the attractions that are of interest, and get on the rides that appeal to everyone. 

Designate a Communication System & Budget

You surely don't want to frantically be running through the park, looking for one or more of your kids and you probably won't be in a rush to go back to the amusement park anytime soon if you overspend and find that you are short on cash for household necessities.

Your kids may think that they are mature enough to head out on their own, once you get to the park. If you agree and want to give your teens some space, then at the very least, you should have a communication plan in place. This can involve checking in at a specific location or calling you on your phone.

Decide how much money you are allotting for each person in your family and divvy up the funds, prior to the amusement park trip. Tell your kids that you will not bend any rules and that the cash is for their food or souvenirs.