Rent A Spooky Bounce House To Promote Your Business This Halloween

Kids love to jump around and have a grand time in an inflatable bounce house. Kids aren't the only ones who love these funhouses. Adults enjoy them, too. And no, this comment doesn't only refer to the adults watching the kids hopping around inside the bounce house. "Adults" also includes any business interested in using the bounce house for promotions. With the right creativity such as combining a bounce house with a haunted house, a retailer could do wonders during the Halloween season.

Moving Inventory Right Around October 31

A retail shop will house a ton of inventory during the weeks leading up to Halloween. A great deal of the inventory falls under the description of seasonal. Once October 31 passes, a great deal of candy, costumes, and decorations won't move at full price if at all. So, investing in an inflatable bounce house promotional strategy can support drawing in customers.

Understanding the Haunted Bounce House Strategy

Posters and flyers are decent promotional strategies, but they can be expensive. A lot of them also end up in the trash. And is there any originality to these traditional promotional methods? Think of a better, potentially less-costly, idea: rent a bounce house and place it on your store's parking lot or other acceptable location. 

Store owners may tap into several benefits from using an inflatable haunted bounce house:

The Business Introduces Itself to New Customers: People who never otherwise would patronize the store might now do so. You introduced a new advertising strategy to capture their attention.

The Business Comes Off as Family-Friendly: Halloween is associated with horror and gore. Parents might wonder if your Halloween merchandise isn't kid-appropriate. Directly targeting families with a whimsical inflatable house may change opinions.

The Business Stands Out: So many competitors rely on standard, tired advertising techniques. When you try out a novel promotional strategy, you could reap the rewards.

Careful planning does need to go into any use of an inflatable haunted bounce house. Don't think you can throw everything together on October 15th.

Booking the Bounce House in Advance

Plan to reserve a rental several months in advance. This way, you don't find yourself with limited options. You want an appropriate look for the inflatable house. The haunted house should be spooky and not too scary. Booking in advance supports requests for customization or you can order banners to hang on the house, which further assists the promotional potential. These things take time. Don't book last minute!

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