4 Tips To Enjoy Reading More

Reading is one of the best things you can do for your brain. It can improve your vocabulary, lengthen your attention span, and introduce you to fascinating new ideas. However, in order to get the benefits of reading, you need to spend time actually doing it. You're more likely to read if you enjoy the experience. Here are four tips that can help you enjoy reading more.

Set aside time for reading.

Anything you do often becomes a habit. Make reading a habit by doing it every day. Most people are busy, so you'll have to make time for reading. Having a schedule might help. Try turning off your computer and putting your phone on silent an hour early, then spend that time reading a great book. You'll probably have an easier time falling asleep without the glare of blue light in your eyes right before bed. 

Choose books that you enjoy.

Classic books are classic for a reason, but that doesn't necessarily mean you'll enjoy them. Many people find some classics dull and dry and prefer contemporary books. Don't force yourself to read something you find uninteresting. Choose books that deal with stories and topics you find fascinating. If you love detective movies, you might enjoy a suspense novel. People who adore love stories can find a lot of enjoyment reading romance novels. There are even romantic thriller novels that combine the best aspects of both these literary forms.

Read at least three chapters before setting a book aside.

Not every book is appealing from the get-go. Certain books take some time to get interesting. The beginning chapters are often used to set the scene and introduce you to characters and the world they inhabit. Before giving up on a book, read at least three chapters. That will give you enough information about the themes and plot of the book as a whole. If you still don't like the book after you've read three chapters, you can set it aside and try a new book, but you'll at least know that you gave the book a fair chance.

Participate in reading challenges.

Some libraries run annual reading challenges. These challenges encourage patrons to read as many books as possible in a certain time period. There may be a prize for the person who reads the most books. Some good-natured competition can be just the push you need to spend more time reading.