Host A Musical Talent Show At Your School

Musical talents should be embraced and shared with others. The students in your music class may grow up to become accomplished singers and dancers, if they receive thorough training and support during their youth. If you want to give your pupils a chance to win a musical or monetary prize next spring, set up a portable stage for the participants to use during their performances.

Select The Stage Type

If you do not have access to the school's auditorium or if you would like to hold the talent contest outdoors, a portable stage unit will support each student and provide them with an area to stand or move around while they are entertaining the audience. Choose a stage that contains risers if more than one person will be performing together. This type of assembly will allow each person to stand at a specific height, ensuring that their face and upper body will not be obstructed.

If you are uncertain about where you would like to place the stage or if you plan on using it for multiple musical performances, a stage that contains a caster base or a model that folds will be rather convenient to move from location to location. A mini stage that is lightweight is another option if you plan on using the platform for solo performances.

Add Some Features

A red carpet that leads to the stage or recessed lighting that is installed on each side of the platform will provide the entertainment area with an aura that is similar to a professional stage or theater. A sound system will need to be installed so that each pupil's voice or instrument can be heard from all sides of the viewing area. Your students can use standard microphones that plug into an electrical outlet or you can supply them with cordless models that will make it possible for the children to move around while they are executing a dance movement.

Create a seating area that is facing the stage. Use metal or plastic chairs to create several rows of seats for the viewers to sit in. If you would like the performers' parents or siblings to attend the event that you will be hosting, send out formal invitations to the talent show. Request that the invitees respond to the invitations so that you can gauge how many seats will need to be added to the viewing area that you have created.