Are You Adding Surfing Lessons To Your Vacation Itinerary? 4 Tips To Prepare For The Experience

Going on a vacation gives you a fresh opportunity to expand your mind and enjoy new experiences. A beach vacation also gives you the perfect excuse to try something that you have always wanted to do. Learning how to surf is one of those things that often ends up on people's bucket lists, and you've made the decision to make sure that you actually get to check this one off. In addition to the usual vacation prep work, you'll also want to use these tips to prepare to make sure that your surf lessons are a success.

Find Out What You Need to Bring

Companies that provide lessons can differ regarding what they provide. When you sign up for lessons, find out if they provide the basic equipment for surfing such as the board and leash. Depending upon where you take your lessons, they may also provide wet suits, or you may need to bring your own. You'll also want to ask for a recommended list of other things you need such as an appropriate swimsuit, water shoes, and sunscreen. This helps you to make sure that you don't arrive without the appropriate gear to get started with learning how to surf.

Expect to Start Out on the Sand

People tend to want to show up to their lessons and immediately hit the water. While you are guaranteed to get wet at some point, you also need to know that many of the best surf instructors will start out with a few exercises on the sand. These early lessons are meant to help you learn how to hold your board and maintain the proper stance. Don't worry, though. You'll usually be paddling out in the water to catch waves by the end of your first session.

Do Some Pre-Lesson Conditioning

Surfing is an excellent cardiovascular workout that also strengthens your muscles. You'll enjoy your surfing lessons more if you are already in good general physical condition. Consider going for a few jogs before your vacation, and remember that hitting the local swimming pool can help you brush up on your strokes. You can also do some light stretching and strength training at your hotel to keep your body ready to start learning how hit those waves.

Eat Well and Hydrate Before the Lesson

On the day of your lesson, you want to keep things relatively calm and steady so that you show up to your lessons feeling ready to learn. Eat a nutritious breakfast or lunch that is light enough to keep you from feeling queasy but heavy enough to tide you over until your lessons are done. You'll also want to drink lots of water before you head out to enjoy a day filled with sand and sun.