Advice for Comedians Playing at Large Theaters

If you've been around comedy for a while and are ready for the next level, you may want to try performing in a large comedy theater. This experience can go smoothly and enhance your comedy career as a whole if you take these precautions. 

Find the Right Theater

You may know that your next comedy event needs to be at a theater, but you need to be specific about which one you end up performing at because it does matter for how this show turns out. 

For instance, the theater needs to give off the right vibe, be big enough for your target audience, and give you confidence before stepping foot on stage in front of a live audience.

You probably should examine different comedy theaters in person too so that you can get a sense of what each option offers. Then you can make a decision based on what made you feel the most comfortable and impressed you the most.

Hire Professional Staff

Once you find the right comedy theater to play your next gig at, you need to make sure the right staff is hired to manage it. Then you can trust that the comedy show will go according to plan and people in attendance will have an eventful night to remember for a long time.

Try to find staff already familiar with comedy shows because that's going to ensure the right decisions are made, such as how seating is sectioned off, where concessions are placed, and how crowd control takes place.

Take Care of Pre-Show Nerves

If this truly is the first time you're telling jokes in front of a large audience at a comedy theater, you may have some pre-show nerves. This happens to even the more experienced comedians, but it's important to not let them control how the show ultimately turns out. 

There are a couple of tricks that have proven to work for comedians in your position, such as deep-breathing exercises, meditation, and picturing something funny yourself. Just get out of your own head a bit and try to have perspective. That can help alleviate nerves and subsequently help you perform your best at this theater where there are a lot of people.

Eventually, when comics have consistent success, they start playing at bigger venues like comedy theaters. If you're about to do this for the first time, planning everything out early on is the best way to improve your odds of having success. 

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